Flying High with the Realtors

As usual, there is more good news pouring out of Paradise Hang Gliding, Inc. We want to keep you updated and ready to keep your friends, family, and customers informed as to our activities.

Last week, we took the boat out of the water in order to have some lettering put on the sides, a step in the whole plan which is long overdue. Pulling it out of the water involves a bit of a vehicle shuttle to the Lover’s Key Marina boat ramp, but it’s never difficult talking Capt. Travis into taking the boat someplace, he loves running this boat…! Ernie’s Signs, right here in Bonita Springs, is very reasonable, so we trailered it right up the road for a few hours and, VOILA…!!, it came out looking like a new boat. Upon getting it back to the boat lift, we spent some time waxing it and making everything ship-shape.

Today, we took for a tandem flight one Sandy Ramseth, of SanCap One Source Realty, on Sanibel Island. She recently had a birthday, and had put hang gliding on her Bucket Day list. Not sure how many candles on her birthday cake, but she looks like a teenager. With her partner Rob, and cameraman Max aboard, we had a very nice group.


The wind was perfect, and Sandy was amazed at how pleasantly the glider lifted off the boat. There is no sudden jerk or rapid motion, just a barely noticeable transition from the waves of the boat ride to the smooth sensation of the glider flying up and away. She was truly thrilled, and we had a nice, long, pleasant tow to about 2,500′ above the Gulf.

Upon release from the towline, we turned back toward land, and were both awestruck by the beauty of the place in which we live. Estero Bay, north to Ft. Myers Beach, is truly stunning scenery. With the white strip of beaches on one side, and the numerous mangrove islands and inside waterways on the other, it is a sight to behold from the perspective of a hang glider. I gave her the usual tutorial on how to control a hang glider, and then we just flew around seeing the sights.

As always, landing and being put back on the boat were a breeze. What fun, for both of us…!! Within moments of leaving the boat dock, Sandy had already posted photos on Facebook, and as of this evening, she posted an entire album of still photos, complete with captions.

Be sure to check out Sandy’s blog at You can also see more photos and a story about this great day on the Fort Myers
Way to go Sandy, we enjoyed it too…!!

2 thoughts on “Flying High with the Realtors

  1. Roy MacMullin

    We’re back home now but I just want to say ….. Thank you! You have the greatest job in the world.

    We had a great day with you all. Days like that are especially memorable, perhaps due to all of the sensory inputs. First of all, the location is so beautiful and I love boats, add in the sunshine and a nice breeze and you have truly a paradise. You are all very professional both in the equipment and the way the staff looked after us.

    Getting up into the air from the tow boat was easy and I felt very safe. The view was fantastic. Who knows? Maybe next year we’ll be there for the full training package.

    Best wishes to you all.
    Roy MacMullin

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